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Have you ever wondered how is holistic dentistry different from the traditional dentistry?
I will explain the difference between traditional and holistic dentistry.

Traditional dentistry means they focus more on fixing you existing dental problems.

For example: Say person ‘A’ is visiting traditional dentist for cavity, Dentist might provide a solution by clearing your cavity and filling it with dental cement.

Holistic dentistry is also known as Natural dentistry, Preventive dentistry, Alternative dentistry and Biological dentistry.

Holistic Dentistry focus on a patient’s overall health since its linked to your oral cavity.

Best and interesting part of Holistic practice in dentistry is they focus more on natural and preventive care.

Dentist would prioritize to find out the root cause to your problem, educate you to change your life style naturally with home remedies, food diet and sleep hygiene to prevent future dental issues which will lead to long lasting result.

For example: Let’s take the same person ‘A’ is visiting Holistic dentist for cavity, here, Dentist will take a detailed history and will rule out the ROOT CAUSE for cavity and provide tips and tricks to follow a healthy lifestyle, so you can prevent future cavities.

You will be very clear about what are the causes for your cavities and how to avoid that in future to prevent yourself from recurring or new cavities naturally.

Benefits for opting out Holistic Dentistry:

Holistic dentistry is more beneficial because they promote health and wellness instead of the treatment of disease.


  • They speak about factors which are causing issues on your dental health
  • Minimally invasive treatments
  • Provide you a better diet plan to regain good dental health
  • Focus more of preventive care
  • Prevention and treatment of malocclusion (crooked teeth) without braces or aligners and it’s done only with exercise
  • Early diagnosis and prevention of gum health
  • Holistic dentist will not just focus on your teeth, they will see a dental problem as a whole and treating the whole person, not just teeth and gums
  • Holistic dentist will less often advice for dental x-rays.
  • Holistic dentist will prioritize your emotional wellbeing, habits, diet and other things you might not think of as being related to your dental health.
  • For example: Patient ‘A’ had a teeth grinding habit, when he visits Holistic dentist, Dentist will rule out the ROOT CAUSE then frames a holistic treatment plan customised for Patient ‘A’. Dentist might offer tips to Stress management, emotion mapping sessions, airway examinations, tongue strengthening exercises.

  • Remember that Holistic dentistry would view a treatment as-a-whole and not just the teeth.