Why is waking up to pee a concern?

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Why is waking up to pee a concern?

You have to understand waking up to pee is not normal but its common.

Know more about normal sleep.

  • As you sleep, it should be sound and uninterrupted
  • Our sleep cycle is designed with nature that’s is based on sunrise and sunset
  • Eventually after sunsets our body is designed to start producing a sleep hormone when we are in dark.
  • Only during your good sound sleep, your brain will detox and get ready for the next day for your better growth and development.

When you have a disturbed sleep, (for example: rotation during sleep, waking up in between to pee, sleep walking, bed wetting habit even after potty trained), we don’t get enough oxygen to our brain which can be caused by tongue falling back on the airway, mouth breathing, blockage to efficiently nasal breathe etc, then you might have to put an additional effort to breathe.

Breathing is a prime goal for survival

When your body force and add an extra effort to breathe harder at night to provide sufficient oxygen to brain this increases the pressure on the upper part of your heart and your body interprets this as an increase in blood flow/fluid and wants to restore balance.

This will signal a hormone to your kidneys to release fluids which makes you wake up and pee in the middle of the night.

If this sounds like you are your loved ones, get evaluated on your sleep hygiene, airway, tongue posture.

Get in touch with your certified Myofunctional therapist is a recommended first step.

You deserve to have a better quality of sleep!